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The benefits of microchipping: the tale of Mimi

At the beginning of last year, we decided that we would like to take our cat Mimi with us for a long summer holiday abroad.  We asked our local vet the best way to do this and she suggested we get Mimi used to wearing a harness and being taken out in the car with us..


Like good parents we started Mimi on short journeys, keeping her on a lead when we stopped in the hope she would have a wee outside of the car!


We had managed this successfully a few times and were feeling optimistic about our holidays.  


Last May, we were on an outing when suddenly Mimi was spooked and under a bush managed to extract herself from her harness and ran away in panic!  We were left holding a lead with a harness attached and no cat.


We searched everywhere calling her and whistling till we were hoarse.  We called at all the places nearby and left a description, and our phone numbers and then 3 hours later we went home.


Next day we returned, put up posters, called the local vets and rescue places, we did this for a week and then decided that maybe  she was trying to make her way home, so we went home and waited.


Nothing happened for nearly a year, friends told us to get another cat, but we were still hopeful.


Imagine how we felt when on Good Friday I received a phone call from the RSPCA telling me that a wonderful gentleman had dropped off a small black cat and her microchip had yielded our information.


We were so thrilled to get her back, after all this time.  I cannot stress enough how grateful we are that we had her chipped.  It is really amazing to think after nearly a year she could still be returned to us after all this time.


Barbara Parrott